ININ is committed to providing all students with an outstanding learning experience. As part of our commitment to our students we aim to keep a balance approach in respect of the study costs.

The cost that any student will incur includes the following:

CIPS Membership Fee
payable once to CIPS – valid for 12 months
CIPS Renewal Fee
payable to CIPS for each additional 12 months
CIPS examination Fee
payable to CIPS per exam
CIPS Books set
payable once per each level
Exam venue fee
payable per exam
Tuition fee – guided learning and revisions
per module and level
Study materials
slides and other notes
The individual cost per student is influenced by several factors therefore can vary. We recommend that you verify the cost details with us.
For groups of 5 or more studying as a cohort discounts may be applied in certain conditions.