We offer all 5 Qualification levels, each consisting of units addressing specific topics in procurement and supply.

On the successful completion of one level, students will receive an internationally recognized certificate or diploma, that will represent the ticket to the race for career enhancement.

Completing any of the CIPS programme level represents literally a distinguished qualification.

ININ offers Guided Learning programs for the full qualifications’ portfolio, so you can find just the right one for you. The Guided Learning Courses can be organized as an open course in our venue in Bucharest, or in-house at your premises and tailored to your organization needs.


Transferring from the 2013 to 2018 Syllabus

Any CIPS students who have passed exams (or been awarded exemptions from exams) based upon the 2013 Syllabus, will be given credits for modules within the updated 2018 Syllabus, as shown in the following tables. This ensures that students are not disadvantaged by any changes to the Syllabus.

Learning resources for the 2018 syllabus are available from February 2019. The CBE exams for the CIPS updated syllabus, are the only one available at all CIPS approved exam centres from July 2019.

Last exam opportunity based on the CIPS 2013 syllabus, was available at CIPS approved exam centres in May 2019.


Level 2

Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations.

Aimed for people new to the world of procurement; it covers the basic principles of procurement and supply and enables identification of procurement key processes.

Ideal for those aspiring to move into a procurement and supply career without prior knowledge of the profession as well as for managers and business leaders or entrepreneurs who need to understand how procurement should function and its overall impact on business success.


Level 3

Advanced Certificate in Procurement and Supply Operations.

Designed for those with operational roles in the procurement and supply function needing the capability to carry out procurement and supply tasks. It will further develop and refine the knowledge on procurement processes in order to understand demand management, arrange supply logistics and implement new contracts.


Level 4

Diploma in Procurement & Supply.

The Diploma takes you across the spectrum of procurement roles (Contract Managers, Category Managers, etc) on a journey around the procurement cycle, offering the most common entry route to the profession.

Combined with experience in a procurement role will open many more career doors for you.


Level 5

Advanced Diploma in procurement and supply.

Ideal for those contemplating to pursue a strategic management or leadership role in procurement. Enables the more experienced members of the profession to properly align their procurement department objectives and strategies with the overall organizational objectives.


Level 6

Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply.

Essential for those working towards MCIPS and targeted at developing strategic procurement competence.

Confers managers the ability to formulate strategic direction and advice within an organisation and influence the board to adopt leading-edge procurement strategies.