Why career in procurement and supply

INDUSTRY 4.0 implies procurement professionals become agile and creative thinkers, focused on solutions and equipped with skills which allow them to influence and design policies.

Organizations across the world increasingly acknowledge the need for skilled and capable procurement professionals for delivering more tangible benefits to the business to achieve competitive edge.


The procurement profession has much to offer.

Competitive financial benefits
Procurement is a highly prospective job in terms of financial benefits. From humble beginnings and with the right qualifications, procurement professionals can advance on the ladder of success to earn consistent benefits.
Career development
Procurement professionals can reach top positions. Procurement is very much a sector in which doors are there to be opened and performance, more than seniority, drives career progression. There is always an opportunity to progress.
Freedom of movement and job flexibility
Procurement it’s a function that touches many areas of a business. Dealing with financial numbers, negotiating effectively, influencing people and working closely with various stakeholders, are all essential in procurement and are easily transferable into skills that are sought after elsewhere in the business. Open new professional opening.
Opportunities to travel and work abroad
Procurement jobs provide opportunities to travel and work abroad allowing for a whole understanding of how global organization functions and learn about procurement insights worldwide.
Variety of projects
Diversity in day-to-day activities. Some may still require a focus on analytics and delivering cost savings, while others may call for a more hands-on approach.
Procurement is challenging
Procurement is predominantly outwards focused. Procurement professionals are known for their high visionary and goal-minded traits. They see far beyond what is in front of them and always look forward, using strategic analytics to minimize risk and maximize benefits.

CIPS Qualifications

  • Equips you, as a professional, with competencies required in response of today’s challenging procurement environment, enabling better performance
  • Exceptional professional development;
  • International recognition of the qualifications
  • Enhanced mobility and flexibility
  • Recognition of the acquired added value and enhancement of opportunities for career progression;
  • Networking and sharing experience within the wide professionals’ community.