Our EXPERT Services for procurement consultancy

Procurement consultancy

The added value ININ provides through our services have assisted our clients to improve their processes and practices, leading to successfully award strategic contracts, identify and convert savings opportunities, better strategically management of suppliers and achieve procurement credibility. 


We focus our services on three main aspects:

Planning the entire procurement process
We create the proper framework, by using clear boundaries, and structures. We define the KPIs, we provide support for their implementation and create the flow of activities to guide you throughout the entire process.
Developing support tools and methodologies
Having clear procurement process procedures and guidelines, standard bidding documents, comprehensive checklists and evaluation templates allows you to rely upon guiding documentation for all procurement aspects.
Our consultants will assist organizations in defining clear roles and responsibilities for procurement teams, while encouraging teamwork and open communication. Our trainings will motivate our clients to refine their skills on any procurement topic.

Contact us and let our experts assist you overcome all procurement process challenges!