Our EXPERT Services for public procurement

Public procurement consultancy

We provide consultancy and expert advice services to organizations involved in public procurement, whether they are contracting authorities, contracting entities or tenderers.   

We are committed to support organizations towards an efficient and professional public procurement process.


Our services cover a broad spectrum of activities.

Ancillary Procurement Services
Assistance and operational support for conducting procurement activities in compliance with public procurement rules and regulations.
Procurement services for Tenderers
Assistance and advice for private organizations on bidding strategies for participating in public procurement exercises and to effectively present their tenders, inclusive of support during tender preparation and evaluation.
Capacity Assessments and Capacity Building
Assistance for private and public organizations to assess and enhance human capacity and sustainably professionalize the procurement function.
Procurement Strategy Development
Advice for private and public organizations on strategic approaches to public procurement.
Procurement Reform
Assistance for public organizations with procurement reform including; reform of legal and institutional frameworks; procurement system, structure and process assessment and redesign.

Contact us and let our experts guide you to overcome any possible challenges that may appear during public procurement process!