Public procurement training

We are an organization actively involved in projects addressing the public procurement reform in Romania, such as Support for the National Agency for Public Procurement (ANAP) in the process to reform the public procurement system, in line with the Public Procurement Strategy (RAS I 2016 – 2019 and RAS II 2019 – 2023), Assistance for the National Agency for Public Procurement (ANAP) in the implementation of the ex-ante control system reform (2018).

ININ can provide invaluable insights for individuals working in procurement or procurement related roles in both public and private organizations.

ININ adopts a highly practical and interactive approach in its training programs, covering both soft and technical skills. During our training, we utilize a wide range of techniques and methods that maintain the learning process alive and interactive, including best practice concepts, case studies and role plays, stimulating participants to combine theory and practice to assist in building capacity and skills.


All training courses can be delivered as open standard or tailored courses, at ININ or client’s premises, covering topics such as:
Procurement portfolio planning
Procurement process planning
Contract management
Contracting intellectual services
Contracting non-intellectual services
Contracting works
Contracting supplies and equipment
Performing market analysis and market consultation

Tailor-made courses can contain modules from any of our standard courses and/or feature completely new developed modules addressing specific requirements, challenges and opportunities facing your organization.