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Our team

Ec. Daniel Muscalu

Highly motivated procurement professional with 15+ years’ experience in procurement and public procurement, with sound knowledge and commitment to getting things done.

Proven track records in procurement of goods, services and works under public procurement framework, procurement standardization and improvement, for national and international organizations in public and private sector.
Extensive and successful experience in various industries, working in dynamic environments with national and international leading companies, delivering the expected outcome and adding value to business objectives.

Participation in various assignments for strengthening the administrative capacity of the actors involved in the public procurement system for improving the public procurement system. Active involvement in the Implementation of the National Public Procurement Strategy in Romania by contributing to the development of the web-based guideline, development of national competency frameworks and occupational standard for public procurement professionals and establishing centralized procurement at local level.

Irina Velter, MBA

Irina is a Senior Consultant in procurement and project management with over 20 years of experience in both public and private sectors, successfully handling complex procurement processes and overseeing significant projects across diverse industries. Her proven ability to provide expert consultancy services is reinforced by a customer-oriented attitude and a results-driven approach focused on delivering solutions. Irina’s expertise encompasses roles such as Senior Procurement Consultant for large-scale projects and Strategic Consultant within advisory teams of international financial institutions. In her capacity as a Project/Program Manager, Irina has demonstrated comprehensive project management skills, effectively overseeing projects in diverse areas. Collectively, these roles position her as a versatile expert, proficient in delivering effective and impactful procurement and project management solutions.

Rares Radoiu, MA

Rares is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a diverse background in consultancy roles across various industries. His commitment to continuous learning and development is reflected in his academic pursuits and professional achievements.

As the primary contact for individuals embarking on their educational journey with us, Rares plays a pivotal role in guiding and facilitating the study initiation process. Additionally, he assumes responsibility for the management of our study and exam center.

Beyond his role in student engagement, Rares serves as a reliable support pillar for the seamless execution of daily office activities. His dedication ensures that both educational and operational needs are met with precision.

Dr. Șerban Filipon, MSc, MCIPS

Șerban has over 20 years of international experience in public procurement, encompassing advisory services at strategic and operational levels, and procurement research. He focusses on framework agreements, designing joint and centralised procurement arrangements, and procurement training policy.


The results of his academic and professional activity are incorporated in his book on public procurement law and policy: Șerban Filipon, Framework Agreements, Supplier Lists and Other Public Procurement Instruments: Purchasing Uncertain or Indefinite Requirements (Hart Publishing, Bloomsbury Academic, 2023)


Also, Șerban is a co-author of the new Occupational Standard for Public Procurement Experts in Romania (2021, COR 242116).


In the practice of procurement Șerban integrates and adapts international and EU best practice to specific circumstaces, as well as designs innovative procurement approaches by implementing the legal framework strategically to identify compliant procurement solutions that enable enhanced effectiveness.

Victor Voicu, EMBA

Victor is a seasoned procurement consultant and trainer with over 20 years of international experience in public procurement and donor-funded development projects. Proficient across a spectrum of sectors such as governance, centralized procurement, knowledge economy, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, health or education, he has navigated the complexities of international procurement for various international agencies, governmental bodies, and private sector organizations in 18 countries across four continents.

Victor has actively contributed as an author, co-author, or collaborator to dozens of procurement strategies, guidelines, policies, procedures, and standardized procurement documents in line with international standards and best practices. As a respected trainer, Victor has conducted hands-on and targeted training programs that contributed to building capable procurement teams in multicultural environments across various sectors. His training competencies span diverse domains, encompassing areas such as private sector sourcing and purchasing, international donor procurement, commercial contracting etc.

A CIPS member since 2014, Victor is a tutor for CIPS Integrate Investment Study Center.

Dr. Violeta Simionescu, MBA, MCIPS

With over two decades of experience in procurement as trainer, consultant/expert and project/program manager at national, regional and international level, Violeta has developed a profound understanding of the complexities and nuances of procurement, including sourcing, negotiating, and managing supplier relationships in energy, construction or professional services markets.

Her favorite approach is the one ensuring procurement decisions are made with a holistic view of the needs of all relevant stakeholders and with consideration to sustainability dimensions.

Violeta actively participated in the development of the national public procurement system, accompanying the transposal of the 2014 EU Public Procurement Directives into the national legislation. During 2018-2021, she acted as member of Stakeholder Expert Group on Public Procurement with European Commission.

She actively contributes to the professionalization of procurement in Romania, acting either as team leader for projects addressing professionalization in public procurement (such as centralized procurement, procurement competency frameworks, introduction of strategic procurement, etc.) or acting as tutor with CIPS Integrate Investment Study Centre.


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