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Integrate Investment exceeded my expectations regarding training courses in my field of activity. Although I entered a long-term commitment through the procurement course with some reluctance, their assistance throughout the process made the experience much more manageable. The only way I could describe the instructors from the dedicated courses is experience and professionalism at the highest level, helping me enter the exam with maximum confidence in the knowledge acquired.

Ciprian Carlan


I would like to start by saying a big Thank You to the ININ team for all the support offered during my study for CIPS Diploma Level 4. Even if they offered amazing guidance during the entire study, I found very useful their revision sessions which helped me get a better understanding on how to approach and respond to the questions raised at the exam.

Paula Dunca


At the beginning of 2017 I had the inspiration to contact Integrate Investment CIPS Study Centre, an Approved Study Centre of the prestigious Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply, in order to understand the opportunity of attending the “Diploma in Procurement and Supply” guided learning program. I’ve known for some time that this program is recognized to be a top reference and a benchmark by the international procurement community in terms of knowledge and excellence and once you will be able to pass all five exams, you could truly start to consider yourself a procurement professional. If in the initial phase I was a overwhelmed by the amount of information required to be studied, with a consistent guidance, intelligent and positive approach from my tutor (Ms. Violeta Simionescu), I was pleased to find that all topics were quite approachable and fairly easy to understand, especially if you already have some previous experience in procurement area.

In order to be able to pass the tests, you must really commit yourself to this training program which requires time, focus, consistency, dedication and careful preparation, so you can fully and thoroughly understand the topics presented and deliver a solid examination paper. There are no shortcuts about it! In conclusion, it was one of the most pleasing, fruitful and rewarding learning experience I’ve encountered and I would recommend it without hesitation to all of you which are truly dedicated to a procurement career path. 

Paul Swider


It was an outstanding experience, and I want to express my appreciation to Integrate Investment for their great work to facilitate the learning process by clarifying the key concepts, presenting the “big picture” and positioning each concept at the right place.

CIPS learning program is very challenging and demanding but it gives a great satisfaction after completion and set the students on a professional way with real chances for future growth. Integrate Investment CIPS Study Centre demonstrated the ability and expertise to create the professional environment for such qualification. Looking forward to for the next CIPS Level. 

Liviu Mihoc


I attended the CIPS Level 4 courses facilitated by Victor, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the instruction, the teaching process, and the level of knowledge. Throughout the classes, Victor demonstrated a high level of professionalism, engagement, expertise, and made the learning process easier by combining theoretical aspects with numerous practical examples. I am extremely satisfied that I took this course, and I would certainly recommend it to others.

Cristina Dumitrica


The approach of IN-IN regarding training, support during CIPS exam preparation, providing relevant and valuable content, and discussion sessions, promoting a conducive learning environment, and helping professionals develop the necessary skills for success, is remarkable.

Mihaela Milea