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Knowledge and Advisory Services on Support to Implementation of the Public Procurement Strategy

Support for the Romanian authorities in the process to reform the public procurement system, in line with the Public Procurement Strategy, by transforming the procurement policy and practice into a strategic management function with focus on value for money in the whole project cycle.  

ININ supported the shift towards a new performance-based culture through the instruments, templates and tools (e.g. Annual Public Procurement Strategy, stakeholder analysis matrixrisk registry matrixcontracts positioning matrix, etc.) made available to all relevant stakeholders as part of Web Based Guide.  

Project outputs:

  1. The Web Based Guide – a primary source of guidance and in-depth practical information for contracting authorities, as well as dissemination of best practices related to the operational aspects and instruments regarding the public procurement process to the relevant stakeholders of the public procurement system. 
  2. 20 dissemination session of the new operational methodology among the main stakeholders of the public procurement system. 
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