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Hidroelectrica, project-oriented company

Carried out by the JV Roland Gareis Consulting GmbH and Integrate Investment.

The JV supported Hidroelectrica in the change process to a project-oriented company by provided consulting and training services in process management, change management, organizational design & strategic management.

Project outputs:

  1. Analyzing the strategies, structures, and cultures of Hidroelectrica;
  2. Planning the development of the POC structures, the personnel evaluation, the trainings, the pilot projects, the site visit;
  3. Defining the Strategies, Structures, Cultures of HE as POC:
    • Defining Vision, objectives, and values of HE as a POC,
    • Developing an HE organization chart, a branch organization chart, the role HE project portfolio group; developing a project portfolio list,
    • Developing POC-related HE regulation and procedures,
    • Developing a PM career path & POC-related HE role descriptions and representation of POC roles in HE job descriptions,
    • Developing a Procedure: Evaluating project personnel,
    • Developing a Procedure: Planning POC-related personnel development.
Hidroelectrica SA
Mar. 2019 - Mar. 2021